New concept remote-controlled camera tracking


Blackcam Systems are also designed in order to provide independent filmmakers the opportunity to create moving shots equal to the look and feel of high-end film productions.


Smooth and elegant, our system offers new techniques to approach live concert recordings, music videos and movies while operating all common 4K DSLR cameras.


Customized solutions are our core competence. Blackcam Systems are modular; we produce tracks, dollies and remote heads according to your individual needs.

Camera robotics: minimally invasive, customized tracks, stage integration


Blackcam Systems expand the range of visual possibilities. Thanks to their small size the system can be integrated into almost every stage as well as TV or Web Studios.


Our robotic camera systems, the B10, B20 and B40 can be controlled manually or setup to be fully automated. Tracks can be delivered straight, curved and at any length required.


Are you planning a shoot on top of a mountain or a church roof? Blackcam’s B10 is super easy to transport with your hand luggage!


360° tracks around a drum set? No problem, all our systems can be operated wirelessly.

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