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The world’s smallest robotic camera systems for broadcast live productions.
All systems can be used hanging and standing for precise on-air camera moves in very silent and smooth operation, wireless or cabled, straight and/or curved tracks, manually or automated, AR/VR ready – always compatible and controllable with third party products and components.
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Clients about us

“I used the Blackcam system on Snowden because at very short notice I had to try to discover a way of creating vertical ‘look down’ travel shots across the ceiling of our hotel room set.

It was a late idea and it was impossible to get a conventional crane in through the set… so I had to resort to implementing mini cameras and therefore the Blackcam System came into play.”

Anthony Dod Mantle
DOP Snowden

“We’re very excited to make use of this new, dynamic camera angle for all of our productions at Rogers Place… It’s a beautiful angle that greatly augments the hockey coverage offered to our fans.

The onsite commissioning and technical support offered by Blackcam was thorough, informative and professional. And finally, the price point for the performance is exceptional.”

Keith Hough
Manager of A/V productions for Rogers Place

“We’re honored anytime the broadcast/television production industry offers us recognition. Our utilization of the Blackcam B40 for basketball coverage is in many ways a first. Never before has a director been able to get a camera in motion along the court’s sideline, so close to the players. To facilitate that shot we built the track and dolly system under the parquet floor of the court! 

Only the pan/tilt arm and the camera were visible to the audience and athletes. This reduced distractions while increased safety to the players. Blackcam is smaller, lighter and faster than its competition allowing us to use it closer to the action!”


Tom D’Angelo (AMV Director)
On the Nomination for the 37th Annual Sports Emmy Awards –
The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award in 2016