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It was a mild night in June, 2011. Our team was ready to shoot a live concert of the band Incubus (directed by Blackcam™ founder Thomas Janze), at the famous Berlin venue “Huxley’s”. The concert was going to be live-streamed all over the world, the band’s Label and Management anxiously watching the footage in New York City. Additionally to the usual live-concert camera set up, there were two railcam systems installed on stage, smaller than any comparable camera system in the world. Unobtrusive, super silent and delivering super dynamic images & camera movements that were unseen before. The New Yorker audience called right after the concert, thrilled about what they had seen, asking how the moving images on stage were even possible. Well, only weeks later our team flew to Los Angeles, in order to deliver two Blackcam B20 railcam systems for the upcoming Incubus World Tour.

On-site, at the Santa Monica Civic Center, the Tour Manager recapped, what had been the reason for the band to buy our camera systems: “I hate those f****ing clowns on stage (referring to hand held camera work) – but I love this freaking German engineering!”.

Blackcam Robotic Railcam Systems are designed to fit in any place where no cranes, larger dollies or hand-held camera could be placed. Until today, we have customized, manufactured & installed Blackcam Systems for clients all over the globe. Our systems are in use for TV Shows, Concerts, Sport Events, Newsrooms, Studios, Fashion Shows – upright, underslung, short and very long track distances, wireless or cabled, indoor, outdoor – you name it.

Oh – and just as a side note: those two first B20 systems that we brought to L.A. - they were touring with AC/DC and Rush in the meantime; both are still functioning perfectly fine.

Blackcam Systems: Rock’N’Roll proof & persevering technology.

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