Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to different questions concerning our standard products


1. Which (type of) cameras can be used?

There are three different Blackcam™ Systems for various camera sizes.
B10: mini-B-cameras (Indiecam, Sinacam…)
B20: all common DSLR cameras (Canon 5D, Sony Alpha…)
B40 & B60: all common box cameras (Sony P1, Arri Alexa…)

If you want to know about a specific camera model not listed above: please contact us for further information.

2. How fast is the dolly?

B40 & B60: 4m/s
B20: 3m/s
B10: 1,5m/s

3. Can the dolly do curves?

Yes, they can. For example, our B40 dolly for curved tracks has 6 wheels, 3 axis – thus it can do curves smoothly.

4. Which load can the remote head carry?

B40 & B60: 20lb
B20: 15lb
B10: 10lb

5. How is the dolly attached to the tracks?

The System is attached to the inner sides of the tracks with several lateral guide rollers.

6. Can the dolly go up the wall?

It´s possible but not our standard product. Please contact us for further information.

7. Can the dolly go uphill?

Our standard system will master a gradient (slope) of 1 in 9 or 5 degrees.
In several special projects we got over some higher gradients.

8. Can we fix the dolly in such a way that it won‘t "fly off the tracks" when hit by a ball?

Yes, safety bars can be attached. For usage along a basketball field, for example, infrared sensors are implemented and the dolly stops smoothly when it detects a body or ball.

9. How can the tracks be mounted / are usual installation set-ups for tracks?

All tracks can set up: on the floor (B10, B20, B40 & B60), on stands (B10), onto standard lighting truss (B10, B20, B40 & B60).

10. What are the power options?

The power for our systems can be supplied via battery or cable.

11. What are the power options for lens motors?

Lens motors can be powered from the system’s battery packs or through cable.

12. When operated wirelessly: what do the battery packs supply power for?

The battery packs supply power for camera, remote head, RF transmitter, Dolly.

13. How long is the battery life?

The battery lasts between two and three hours.

14. Does the system work with e.g. Japanese 100V and sockets?

Yes, it works fine with 100V AC power. All power supplies we use can operate between 100-240V AC or on 50 or 60 Hz.

15. Is the dolly rain-proof?

Yes, with an additional rain cover.

16. Can the system be operated from far away?

Yes, via standard fibre optical cable.

17. Can the camera heads level be raised?

Yes, there are several options raising the camera head to certain level.
Additionally, we offer a small (up to 80cm) or extended (up 160cm) motorized Lift for the B40 & B60 Remote-Head.

18. Is motion control possible?

Yes, it’s possible.

19. Is the dolly programmable to the same speed and spot to reshoot scene on perfect repeat? Are the dolly movements programmable to reoccurring patterns?

Yes, it is.

20. Is automation possible?

Yes, the entire system can be operated fully automated.

21. How about using other remote heads than the Black Remote Head?

Other remote heads can be mounted on the Blackcam™ dolly.

22. Are the systems ready for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Yes, Blackcam Systems are VR/AR compatible. Please get in touch to learn more about our Virtual Studio Box.


23. How easily can the system be set up?

All Blackcam™ systems are very light and handy, so they can easily be set up by one person in a short time.

24. What are the sizes of standard straight track segments?

0,5m (1.6ft), 1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.56ft), 4m (13.12ft), 6m (19.68ft)

Custom made tracks are possible on special request.

25. What about curved tracks?

Curved tracks are available starting from 1m inner radius.

26. Can tracks be S-shaped, for example?

Yes, tracks can be customized to almost any shape.

27. Can upright and upside-down tracks share the same mounting brackets?

Yes, extrusion connectors can be used both ways, straight and curved.

28. Can tracks and dolly be operated underneath the floor/inside a step?

Yes, a spacer can be applied between dolly and remote-head and thus tracks and dolly can be set-up and operated underneath a stage floor.

Order & Shipping

29. What is the delivery time?

Standard delivery time is six to eight weeks but can be reduced to a matter of days.

30. What are the shipping terms?

Blackcam delivers according to INCOTERMS 2006 EXW “ex works”.


31. Can we get training?

Yes, instruction and training can be booked separately.

32. Can we try a Blackcam™?

Yes, contact us for the next available date.

33. Will there be tech support outside Germany?

Yes. We can provide this remotely or in person, according to your needs.

34. Will there be software updates?


35. Is there a warranty?

Yes, the warranty period is one year.

36. Do you ship your systems in pieces or already set up?

You will get the dolly and remote-head already set-up, means in one piece. Just cabling and adding a camera needs to be done after the system has arrived.