The Blackcam™ product family


Blackcam systems can be easily integrated into TV and Web studios. For example, our B10 is in operation for the Berlin based RTL2 news studio and the HSE24 studio in Munich. Blackcam’s tiny mover delivers fully automated moving shots, every day.

The Blackcam story started with live-concerts. A major and very famous Blackcam B20 use-case is the 360° tracks set-up around the drums. Drummers love it, directors love using the shots and the audience can enjoy the show without camera people, big dollies or cranes on stage.

Blackcam B40 – the Emmy Award nominated NCAA railcam.
In operation world wide, especially used for TV Shows like The Voice & Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum. Also very popular for sports events and used by clients like Olympic Broadcast Services, NHL, US Open, Fox Sports.